Who We Are?

Coinciding with Saudi Arabia (2030) vision, OSHArabia is keen on reinforcing the companies and enabling them to provide a professional work environment by promoting occupational safety and health practices in all governmental and private sectors. OSHArabia brings in vast experience in the field of occupational health and safety. Our main scope is focusing on providing consultation (design review, construction, facilities) and educational awareness to all specialists in different sectors in the marketplace, to implement the best practices to avoid risk and injuries to guarantee safe work environment. We do that by complying with national and international standards for OSH. This approach ensures high- liability, major cost reduction of material losses resulting from accidents of non-complying with the rules of OSH.


Contribute heavily in achieving the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 in transforming the Kingdom into a major economic power. We strive to accomplish this by imbedding a vital philosophy to achieve this change, which is a necessity of enabling occupational safety and health systems to operate in various sectors. To be the first choice within the region and a benchmark in the field of OSH.


Stimulate the required demand and awareness needed to maximize the priority of OSH in all facilities and contributing to provide a safe work environment free of all potential harm.

Our Standards …

Accredited local entities

Accredited International Authorities

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